The Board of Deacons, or Deacons, serves through witnessing, service, and sympathy, modeling after Christ. The Deacons are staffed by the Pastor and assisted by our Associate in Ministry. The board includes 38 members, 37 regular members, and one youth member. The board meets monthly, except for the summer break (July and August).

There are three ministry units: Caregiving, Mission, and Service. The Caregiving unit is responsible for congregational care, including providing meals for members who need assistance due to illness, births, accidents, and other situations. They also provide luncheons and a quiet room with nutritional snacks for college-age students to study during semester finals’ weeks. For members who are homebound or cannot attend services, this group provides cards of encouragement. They also provide rides to and from church for those unable to drive. A key mission of this group is to provide constant support of our church members who are in the hospital.

The Mission unit provides a more general support and care to our church and local community. They are committed to supporting the local Food Bank, CROP Walk, Habitat for Humanity, ARC of Centre County, Centre Volunteers in Medicine, and Interfaith Mission. Two important fundraisers are the annual SERRV Sale and the One Great Hour of Sharing Auction and Dinner. The Deacons also coordinate the annual Christmas Dinner – which feeds nearly 350 people.

The Service unit provides support and service through special projects like the Palm Sunday Breakfast and One Great Hour of Sharing Auction and Dinner. In 2016, in lieu of a church picnic, the Deacons are organizing an Open House for all church members at the home of Pastor Dean and Peggy Lindsey on May 15.  Watch for details.

The Deacons recently took oversight of the Congregational Fellowship ministry, which has been responsible for the development of a caring community within the life of the congregation. They are in charge of Sunday morning coffee fellowship time, monthly congregational fellowship activities, and small group ministry. Deacons also provide much needed financial support to various projects and organizations, such as the LOGOS and Krislund scholarships, church upgrades (ice machine, power washer, and Tower Room), Mission Trips such as the Hurricane Katrina Rebuilding trips, and the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund.

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2018 Deacons:
Madison Alesi (Youth Deacon)
Sharon Ambrose (Membership Ministry Unit Representative)
Jamie Bachman (Youth Deacon)
Mike Baron (Building & Property Ministry Unit Representative)
Erin Blumsack – Caregiving Unit
Rick Bryant – Treasurer (Financial Affairs Ministry Unit Representative) and Nominating Committee
Jane Butler – (Spiritual Formation Ministry Unit Representative)
Tammy Colwell
Jennifer Creighton
Curt Dell – Mission Unit (Adult Education Committee Representative)
Colleen Fisher
Marsha Freije
Mike Gordon
Carol Graham
Glenn Hunter
Andrew Krebs
Jonn Marsden
Tracy Massaglia (Worship Ministry Unit Representative)
Rhett McLaren
John McQueary, II
Carrie Miller
Melissa Pike – Moderator (Education Ministry Unit Representative)
Jeff Rounsville
Leslie Snyder – Secretary
Sherrill Sonsteby
Phil Spangler
Rick Spangler
Heather Steel
Linda Steffee
Brian Stone
Greg Tothero – Vice Moderator
Jenny Van Hook
Lynne Verity
Brady Wassom
DeeAnn Wylie