The Governing Board of the State College Presbyterian Church, called the Session, consists of the pastor, associate pastor and the 29 elders in active service. Elders are elected by the congregation for a term of three years of service, but are ordained for life. Session meets on the second Sunday of the month (except for July and August). The Session is responsible for the mission and government of the church and is divided into nine ministry units:

  1. Building and Property: Responsible for the building and property affairs of the church.
  2. Financial Affairs: Responsible for the business and financial concerns of the church and encouraging giving throughout the congregation. Carries out the annual pledge campaign.
  3. Christian Education: Responsible for the total education program of the church. Elders divide between subcommittees for the Church School and the Adult Education.
  4. Membership: Responsible for welcoming visitors and encouraging new members to join our faith community. Provide greeters at the entrance doors and the Welcome Desk on Sundays and holds a New Member Class four times a year.
  5. Mission: Responsible for all mission activities – national, world and local.
  6. Personnel: Responsible for all of the personnel concerns of the church.
  7. Spiritual Formation:  A new Ministry Unit added in 2008 to provide leadership and direction for the spiritual growth of our congregation.
  8. Worship: Responsible for the worship life and music ministry of the church

Clerk of Session:  Ginny Rainey

2018 Session Members:
Ken Bachman
Carolyn Bryant
Dennis Calvin
Barbara Cox
Mary D’Ambrosia
Ryan Gilmore
Beth Farmer
Linda Finley — chair of Membership Ministry Unit
John Graham
Joan Hartman
Don Hartzell — chair of Building & Property Ministry Unit
Lam Hood — chair of Personnel Committee
John Ikenberry — chair of Financial Affairs Ministry Unit
Mitch Kirsch — chair of Social Justice and Mission Team
Scott Kretchmar
Anne Layng — chair of Nominating Committee
Clark Moose, chair of Education Ministry Unit
Sharon Mortensen
Peter Moyer
Richard Page –chair of Adult Education Committee
Cam Richardson
Susan Sanders — chair of Worship Ministry Unit
Jason Stimmel
Jennifer Tothero
Darrell Velegol — chair of Spiritual Formation Ministry Unit